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Hydro-San Plus

The Hydro-San Plus Clearwater Colon Hydrotherapy PPC-101

- Monitors the colon pressure throughout the entire session Auto-disinfectant system

- Built-in rust/sediment/ carbon/ UV/1 micron water filtration system

- Accurate pressure & temperature control with safety features

- Provides dependable and safe operation Compliant with all design and manufacturer guidelines set by regulatory agencies

- Diane Wright is trained and certified on the use of this system by the manufacturer



The Clearwater Colon Hydrotherapy system is designed for use in Gastroenterology Clinics, Hospitals and Nursing Homes for cleansing the colon such as before a radiological or endoscopic examination.


Full Circle continually strives to maintain the highest standards of care and attention, essential for successful cleansing treatments, while minimizing any stress on the client.  I believe colon hydrotherapy, in association with a proper diet and exercise, is an extremely valuable health enhancing approach in the prevention of disease.


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